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DragonFly Max Eligibility Forms

Students and parents,

If you or your child participates in any sport, band, dance, choir, or cheer, you must complete the DragonFly Max eligibility forms. We have created any easy step-by-step guide to help the PARENT sign-up for DragonFly and to guide you through everything that needs to be completed. Please see the attached document for these steps. If you fail to complete the necessary forms on DragonFly Max, your child will not be allowed to participate.


Matt Smith

Hybrid/Traditional Schedule Update

NOTE: The changes below do NOT affect virtual students. All virtual students will remain virtual until the end of 1st semester.

New Hope High School hybrid students will remain on a hybrid schedule for the next 2 weeks. On Monday, September 28th, hybrid students will return to a traditional schedule and report to school every day except for Wednesdays. When we return to a traditional schedule, Wednesday will change from a 1:15 release to a virtual day for all students.
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